From fully automated solutions to complementary followspot tracking, we can provide a solution to today's need for tracking on your production.

SpotMe is a modern answer to complement followspot technology, designed to serve designers creativity with a special care for the artistic aspects. Consisting of sensors mounted on tripod and followspot, and a server. It then generates high-quality positional data, calculated through advanced algorithms, to communicate with any console or devices using PosiStageNet standard. The console can then coordinate the identical movements of other fixtures in the rig, even conventional fixtures with no feedback capability.

SpotMe is the perfect device to be added to existing followspots. It combines high-technology and human control over the lighting design and operation at the same time.

Zactrack is the world's first plug and play automated follow system. System setup takes less than 15 minutes from unpacking the system components to 3D tracking for stage lighting, sound or video effects. Zactrack uses self-measuring "mesh network technology" to accurately calculate the dimensions of the stage without using any measurement aid... just like magic!