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My MA3D won't connect to my onPC on the same computer.

Ensure that the IP address in onPC and in 3D are set to the range (loopback address) and ensure you have a session running in onPC. Head to the MA configuration tab in the setup window and hit add present. Right click in the session member box and it should connect onPC and 3D together.

Can I delete thumbnails out of my showfile once I have imported them using CITP?

Yes – head to the patch, into fixture types then to wheel manager inside the fixture you need to remove them from. Once in here you can delete the images from the wheel, or delete the wheel itself.

How do I park an individual attribute on a fixture?

To Park use the command Park in the commandline, or push the Pause button twice to put that into your commandline. Then you can use the following syntax: Park Attribute “pan”.

How do I give an executor an off time?

Edit the executor and close the popup edit window. This will then give you an off time option on the fourth encoder along.

How do I see what variables are currently in use in my commandline?

Type Listvar into your commandline and open up the commandline view – this will list all variables currently in use in the console.

How do I change the colour of an individual item?

Press the Assign button three times to enter appearance into the commandline and then tap the item you want to change the colour of. This opens up the colour picker to allow you to choose a colour for that item. This can be done to pool items, and now executors!

My fixture doesn't respond to the console

Check the DMX address of fixture and that its patched correctly in the console

Check the mode of fixture is the same as the one in the patch

Check the fixture is plugged into the correct universe if using more than 1

Check the DMX to fixture. ClayPaky fixtures will flash display if no dmx present. Ayton Fixtures have a green light on the screen to show they are receiving DMX.

My fixture won't strike

Check the lamp present

Check the lamp is in good condition

Check that a lamp on command is being sent from your console or try this manually from fixture.

My fixture is very dim

Check the lamp age/condition

Do the lenses need cleaning? (If so please refer to the manufacturers recomendations on the correct product to use on the lenses.)

Check the lamp alignment (only on certain fixtures)