Ambersphere joins up the MagicDots down on the Farm

The Barn on the Farm is one of the growing number of independent events that now populate the summer

Friday, 28th August 2015

The Barn on the Farm is one of the growing number of independent events that now populate the summer festival calendar. Since 2010, the event has grown year on year and now presents a broad spectrum of up and coming artists on multiple stages with pro-audio systems and professional lighting rigs. Lighting designer, Bryan Leitch was approached to submit design proposals for all three stages.
“My design was originally produced with a narrow beam LED unit in mind but then, quite by chance, I saw the Ayrton MagicDot™R fixtures in action online and decided to contact Ambersphere Solutions straight away for more information. Lee House from Technical Sales was my consistent point of contact from then on.”

“The Festival’s chosen vendor was Colour Sound Experiment,” continues Leitch, “and between us we replaced my original choice with MagicDot-R units and it proved to be one of the best professional decisions ever. They made the whole design more dynamic and versatile – always a really important consideration with a multi-artist festival stage – the enhancement to the overall look was simply massive.”

The MagicDot-R weighs in at only 5.3kg and is a highly compact unit, measuring less than 32cm in height. The fixture boasts continuous Pan and Tilt rotation with a uniform beam from the single multi-chip 60 Watt LED light source. It is the quality of that beam that most enthralled Leitch, “I’m generally not easily impressed but these little beasts emit a beam that is simply superb. I would happily include them in a design for everything from a small club to arena size stages – they really are that bright. Add to that, the seriously top-quality of manufacture – there was not a single glitch the whole weekend – and I genuinely cannot think of a single minus point.”

“It is my intention to use these again just as soon as availability and design opportunity permits,” concludes Leitch. “The quality of what can be produced in the right hands makes the MagicDot-R a wonderful integral part of any design. I tell everyone who will listen just how brilliant they are. I have to thank Lee and his team at Ambersphere who could not have done any more to make this happen for us - totally and genuinely appreciated by all involved at the festival.”

The Festival organisers were impressed enough to have already confirmed the same team for 2016 and the MagicDot-R units will definitely be making a return visit.