Ayrton Magicburst break through at Richard Martin Lighting

23rd November 2017

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Ayrton Magicburst break through at Richard Martin Lighting

Richard Martin lighting (RML) has long been known for their fantastic and varied collection of creative lighting effects. From the early TV music shows to the modern-day extravaganzas,  RML have helped countless designers realise their creative designs.

So, when asked by a major motion picture company if they had an ultra-bright and moving strobe fixture for a specific effect, they started looking for the best solution.

It was then Steve Wells of RML remembered a product he had seen at Ambersphere Solutions a short time earlier. Ambersphere, being the UK exclusive distributor for Ayrton had shown Wells a new product called the MagicBurst™.

The amazing 240,000 lumen white LED strobe unit complete with continuous, unlimited rotation on pan and tilt looked to be the solution for the job. Being LED, power consumption problems of older traditional xenon strobe units were no longer an issue. The ability to individually   control any of the 64 “pixels” also meant that they could create stunning effects simply.

With all of this in mind, Steve Wells asked Ambersphere Solutions to provide a couple of units so that he could really put them through their paces. Wells stated; “The team at Ambersphere have always been very keen to let us test fixtures in real world conditions. In the film world, our customers work in environments that are not always dust and dirt free. With some shoots running for a couple of months we don’t want to have to swap units out and disrupt filming”

The Magicburst’s™ ability to pan and tilt meant that the crew onsite didn’t need to hang multiple units. They could rig a cluster of units and then point them to the correct area remotely, or flip them so that they did not block other shots. This saved time and power requirements previously required for traditional strobe effects.

After successful tests with the demo units, RML concluded that this creative strobe unit would be a perfect fit in their inventory. On taking delivery of the new units Wells said, “We have already had a number of other requests for these fixtures. With the incredible output it delivers, it’s already proving to be a “blinding” investment.”