Ayrton illuminates Blenheim Palace with a spectacular Christmas display

14th December 2023

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The British stately home of Blenheim Palace sits among more than 2,000 acres of extraordinary, landscaped parkland and formal gardens.

Located in the picture-perfect landscape of Oxfordshire, England, Blenheim Palace stands as an iconic and significant building which has long been a key piece of British history.

Each winter, this UNESCO World Heritage Site undergoes an enchanting transformation, as its majestic grounds and palace serve as the captivating backdrop for the festive event ‘Christmas at Blenheim Palace’, thanks to our friends at Adlib and their partners Event Design and Culture Creative who helped to create this unforgettable experience.

Dave Smith, the Lighting Technician responsible for the installation and management of the trail, explains that the Christmas trail is a whopping 2.8km long, and notes how ‘breathtaking it is when you see it’.


Described as ‘the real star of the Christmas display’ was the South Lawn Show, where the palace itself served as a canvas where award-winning lighting designer Rory Beaton could pay tribute to some of the most well-known Christmas stories. He did so by transforming the whole southern façade of the palace using a total of 26 Ayrton Perseos. Each fixture was equipped with an array of six to eight individual gobos, intricately programmed for precise movement across the palace’s exterior.



And what’s more, using a total of 28 Ayrton Cobras ensured the show was visible well beyond the palace’s grounds. Powered by their phosphor laser, the fixtures placed on the roof and lawn easily punched through the cold winter evenings, fully immersing spectators, some even standing over 200 metres away. “There’s no other fixture that we’ve seen on these trails that can do what these are now doing,” Dave commented.



Both Perseos and Cobras come equipped with an IP65 enclosure rating developed by Ayrton for intensive outdoor use, which has worked perfectly for this Christmas trail – with temperatures reaching as low as -5°C. Dave comments that even in these chilly temperatures, all the fixtures are ‘booting up perfectly every day’, and they haven’t needed to revisit any of the fixtures that are placed on the roof, making it ‘really nice and easy to maintain’.

For the full story, please visit https://www.adlib.co.uk/case-studies/blenheim-palace



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Production Company: Adlib

Lighting Designer: Rory Beaton

Lighting Technician: Dave Smith

Photo/Video Credit: Adlib