All change with a dot2 at the Bournemouth IC

20th April 2016

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I have to say that the whole process with Ambersphere has been like a breath of fresh air|

The When Thor André from Technical Sales at Ambersphere Solutions visited the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) to chat to Technical Stage Manager, Simon Bagnall, the choice for a new replacement lighting console had already been decided and the order placed with the installers, Complete Production Solutions Group (CPS).  “The BIC is in the process of making a significant investment in lighting and AV equipment,” opens Bagnall, “And without really exploring our options we were just intending to purchase a lighting console from the same manufacturer as our old large theatre desk.  But after a chat with Thor, we took a close look at the MA dot2; the OnPC facility was of great interest to us and with four venues within the centre the ‘pick up and go’ attraction of the dot2 was obvious.  We booked a training session with Thor and he came down the following week.”

“Following the training, it was pretty clear which direction it was going; the venue technicians were really on board with the idea of changing the order and Simon put me in touch with Richard Colegate, director at CPS the suppliers.  Within a matter of days, they ended up swapping the order and opted for a dot2 XL-F and a F-wing. CPS also supplied a wireless router and a Windows laptop/tablet computer so the BIC can run dot2 OnPC in session with the console and use it as a wireless remote.”

Bagnall explains the rationale, “The grandMA2 has a great reputation and the quality and build of the dot2 is identical; MA have not compromised one iota – the operating platform is a pleasure to use and it is simultaneously compact and powerful. I suppose we always thought an MA purchase was beyond our budget but that has proved not to be the case.”

The BIC is run by BH Live who organise and operate leisure activities and events at venues along the South Coast.  They have a longstanding relationship with the installers CPS and were happy to alter the order, as director Richard Colegate says, “The console was part of an on-going package of investments and we were more than happy to facilitate this although this was the first time we have dealt with Ambersphere Solutions.”

“I have to say that the whole process with Ambersphere has been like a breath of fresh air,” continues Colegate.  “We share the same philosophy of providing the best in customer service 24/7; nothing has been too much trouble for Thor and his team.  Ambersphere approach their customers as partners in a process rather than end users; that is certainly how CPS, BH Live and the BIC have felt.  Here at CPS, we will certainly be looking to continue this relationship with Ambersphere and all the brands they carry.”

Bagnall is in full agreement, “BH Live maintains a number of high profile venues along the South Coast and we will certainly be looking to Ambersphere Solutions as we continue to improve the lighting and AV facilities in the future.”