The path to exact tracking leads to Ambersphere’s door.

20th July 2018

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Zactrack's simple to deploy tracking system added to the Ambersphere range.

Ambersphere Solutions are today announcing a major addition to their product portfolio

Zactrack provides a simple way to track people and objects in a 3D performance environment. It’s easy to use, fast to deploy and can be integrated into a wide range of lighting, video and audio applications. The most obvious use for Zactrack is as an automated followspot system to control multiple moving lights to follow multiple performers in 3D. 

Zactrack uses Ultra High Frequency technology, avoiding any frustrating line-of-sight issues.  The system tracks the position of small discrete rechargeable Tags which can be mounted within costumes, taped to wireless mic packs or simply placed in a jacket pocket. 

Using a modular system of UHF Anchors, Zactrack creates a radio “mesh” and allows you to expand your tracking area by simply adding Anchors as required. Fixture calibration is handled by a light sensitive Puck which simplifies and automates the process.

Zactrack can operate standalone but is designed to integrate perfectly with any lighting system. The console operator can assign lights to follow Tags on the fly and the Zactrack system can take care of zonal control functions seamlessly.

Ambersphere Solutions have a full demo system set up in their West London showroom.