CEG Invest in Next-Generation MA3 Technology

2nd December 2022

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Following great success with grandMA2, Cambridge based CEG have taken the leap over to grandMA3.

Following great success with grandMA2, Cambridge based CEG have taken the leap over to grandMA3. “We have had a very successful innings with the MA2 platform since 2015, and naturally found now was a great time to start looking into moving our investment forward with MA3,” comments CEG director Ben Bowles. “I’ve known our Ambersphere representative Rob Beamer for many years now: we have been working closely together on several rounds of Ayrton investments over the course of 2022.” 

Since doubling their MA2 stock in 2017, CEG have provided lighting control to a range of events. “Our existing MA control inventory has had a very varied life, working hard on many different types of projects including corporate shows, theatre and rock ‘n’ roll across the UK and Europe. As an equipment rental company, our consoles end up both near and wide.” 

After enjoying success with the MA2 Light, investing in the MA3 version seemed the natural next step. “We have once again decided to invest into the Light consoles, along with the PC wing. This versatility allows us to provide our clients with a sensible menu of options, without it appearing too overwhelming.” 

“This time around we’ve decided to also invest into Processing Units, along with consoles.” MA offer a wide range of products geared for industry standard lighting control, from standalone consoles to components for complex networks. “With the progress of data hungry moving lights and video being even more closely integrated than it was in 2015, first-party networking equipment has become even more integral.” 

CEG take full advantage of all the support and training offered by Ambersphere Solutions, sending their staff and referring their freelancers to make the most of the training facilities at Ambersphere’s HQ in West London. “We also encourage our LD customers to visit; it helps improve their knowledge of how much they can get out of the board, and the team there are always really welcoming. The MA3 Light has so much to offer; it manages to perfectly balance the need for functionality and a flexible workspace with portability and size and Ambersphere’s excellent set up provides them with a great platform to really explore the console’s potential for their design ideas.” 

Are there more purchases on the horizon? “Almost certainly, I feel that with MA’s growing position in the lighting control market, it will be inevitable that our stock of their consoles will grow along with our increased demand. Exactly which models we’ll be looking at I couldn’t say, but I believe we will be talking to Rob about everything that MA has to offer along with the other brands that Ambersphere distribute. I couldn’t rate our relationship with them any higher.”