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23rd February 2020

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From the 1st of July the following products are going End of Life

We have to inform you that from July, 1st the following products will be discontinued and we then only deliver as long as stock lasts: 

MagicPanel-R, MagicBlade-R, intelliPix-R, WildBeam-R, Magicring-R1, MagicRing-R9,  DreamPanel-Twin, NandoBeam-S3, NandoBeam-S6, NandoBeam-S9.

Reason for this is the discontinuation of Osram’s 15W RGBW LED chip, that is used in the according products.

We will make sure to be able to service sold units in the future and we gladly take new orders for these products till end of June 2020.