Provide a safer space for your customers with Goldensea UV

16th June 2020

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Ambersphere now offers the full range of commercial UV-C products from Goldensea UV

Full range of UV-C disinfection products available from GOLDENSEA UV

In our new landscape following the global COVID-19 outbreak, the need for reliable control of harmful viruses is paramount. Viruses, bacteria and mould are ubiquitous and pose potential health threats. The current Coronavirus crisis has brought this into sharp focus and the need for a fast and reliable means of disinfection to help minimise its transmission has never been more important. 

GOLDENSEA UV’s products can help you achieve this easily and economically, with its complete new range of UV-C disinfection lamps designed specifically for domestic and commercial use. UV-C technology is proven, efficient and safe and, when used in combination with normal cleaning regimes, provides the best results in minimizing bacterial and viral spread.

UV-C disinfection, or germicidal ultra-violet irradiation (UVGI) as it is known, was first introduced in the 1900’s, and remains in practise to the present day where it is widely used in hospitals as part of standard disinfection protocols. Compared to familiar disinfection methods that use liquid and powder-based disinfectants, ultraviolet disinfection lamps are extremely efficient and most convenient to operate. 


GOLDENSEA UV products are easy to use and affordable. The full range has been designed to handle all applications, from consumer to industrial needs. The UV-C system can be used safely to disinfect surfaces and objects in hotels, factories, schools, gyms, clinics, theatres, restaurants, and many other places. 

GOLDENSEA UV disinfection lamps are environmentally friendly as UV-C disinfection is a physical process that uses no chemicals, leaves no residue or by-products, and therefore leaves little environmental footprint.

GOLDENSEA UV products make use of ‘no touch’ UV-C technology. UV-C technology is documented to deliver “a sustained reduction in surface microbial contamination, a reduced cross-contamination, and reduced spread of multi-drug resistant bacterial infection.” [Evaluation of an Ultraviolet C (UVC) Light-Emitting Device for Disinfection of High Touch Surfaces in Hospital Critical Areas, Beatrice Casini et al, Sep 24 2019].

Safety by design

As ultraviolet light can cause damage to eyes and skin, safety precautions are very important. All GOLDENSEA UV products come with full inbuilt safety features that include a motion sensor, audio alarm, start delay and remote control as well as visual indicators, making them safe to operate. All personnel, animals and plants must leave/ be moved from site during use. GOLDENSEA UV has a comprehensive training programme to ensure safe use of its product.


Ultraviolet light is a form of radiation and an invisible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It has a wavelength between 100nm-380nm. UV-C with a wavelength of 200nm-280nm has proved to be the most effective disinfectant wavelength in the UV Spectrum. GOLDENSEA UV products use the ultraviolet wavelength 253.7nm which is an efficient, best-choice for disinfection.


UV-C (in particular 253.7nm) destroys the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid) of microbial (bacteria and virus) cells, causing the death of growth cells and/or regenerative cells, thus achieving the effect of disinfection.


• GOLDENSEA UV products are safe and effective when used in accordance with manufacturer instructions

• GOLDENSEA UV disinfection lamps have a low environmental footprint as UV-C disinfection uses no chemicals and therefore leaves no residue or by-products

• GOLDENSEA UV installations are very affordable to install and operate

• UV-C disinfection results are proportional to the UV dose – easy to measure and prove

• GOLDENSEA UV disinfection systems are optimised for both mobile applications and installation

• UV-C disinfection adds to your cleaning protocol and significantly mitigates the risk of any new infections 

As we come through this global pandemic, every industry is looking for ways to rebuild their business in a rapid, safe and responsible way. GOLDENSEA UV products can help you to safeguard the working environment for your staff and regain the trust of your customer base by providing them with the safest possible space to work in and congregate.

GOLDENSEA UV is manufactured by industry leading, hi-tech lighting design and manufacturer Golden Sea Professional. Our large team of experts ensures quality, safety and performance are of the highest level. All GOLDENSEA UV’s products are CE, ETL and FCC compliant and listed.