Hawthorn go to Ambersphere for Robert Juliat

20th June 2017

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The Cyranos have proved so popular we felt it was right to add to our current stock

“Robert Juliat are the gold standard of followspots and whenever we’re looking to add more to our inventory, they’re our go-to brand.” So says Hawthorn’s Group Director of Hire, David Slater who have just expanded their inventory of followspots with a significant purchase of fixtures from Ambersphere Solutions.

The company opted to add to their Cyrano stock and to make a new investment purchase of the LED 300W Roxie.  Slater explains the choices, “The Cyranos have proved so popular we felt it was right to add to our current stock.  Their really impressive tight beam and long throw makes them perfect for larger venues and arenas such as the recent UK Tour of Sister Act and the British Bodyshop Awards at Battersea Evolution.’

‘The saving on replacement discharge lamps, due to the amazing life of the LED light engine and low power consumption of the Roxie 300W followspot were definitely influential features in the decision to invest in our first LED followspot,” continues Slater.  “They’ve been designed specifically for the smaller venue which makes them great for amateur theatre, schools and other similar venues where space is tight.  The Roxie can squeeze in the smallest location and still deliver a premium quality light with all the features you expect from a premier manufacturer like Robert Juliat. Our client base stretches from the largest of productions to the smallest of events and each one is just as important as the other.  The Roxie provides the perfect solution when space and budget are high on the agenda without compromising performance.”

An operator’s perspective is always important when considering the performance of any followspot. Jeff Spott is Project Technician at Hawthorn, “Both the Roxie and the Cyrano are great to operate and both work well for different applications.”

Hawthorn now own four models of Robert Juliat followspot, the Cyrano, the LED Roxie and the discharge Foxie and Buxie, another spot that pack a serious punch. “The quality of Robert Juliat’s build and performance is equally matched with the customer service we receive from our rep, Matt Cowles at Ambersphere Solutions; he is always incredibly helpful and quick to respond,” concludes Slater, “Together, Robert Juliat and Ambersphere make an unbeatable combination.”