Magic Blades cut it with DPL

26th February 2015

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Darren Parker| MD of DPL Lighting has just taken delivery of a substantial number of Magicblade-R

Ayrton is the latest manufacturer to join the family at Ambersphere Solutions who have exclusive distribution and customer service for the Ayrton range of products in the UK.  Amongst the new ‘R’ (Radical) range is the Magicblade-R, a moving-head luminaire comprising 7 x 15W LED sources, flicker free management that make it ideal for TV and video applications together with continuous pan and tilt rotation.  However, the basic technical specification does little to demonstrate the dynamic and exciting effect capabilities of this innovative piece of kit.  

Darren Parker, MD of DPL Lighting has just taken delivery of a substantial number of Magicblade-R fixtures. Why Magicblades in particular? “Like all investments in new stock, there was an element of strategy to stay ahead of the competition, but I was pointed towards the Magicblades by one of our designers, Adam Power, who had tried them on another project and been really impressed.  At his suggestion I watched the promotional video and was instantly sold!  We’ve had them in stock for just a couple of weeks and I cannot believe the number of enquiries we’ve had for them already.”

DPL Lighting offers a broad range of services to its clients, from concert lighting and dry hire through to the ever expanding markets of corporate and architectural lighting.  As such, they stock a very comprehensive warehouse so where do the Magicblades fit in? “The Blades have not replaced a single item that we currently hold in stock simply because we have no other fixture that can produce the kind of effects that the Magicblades can.  I could spend hours describing all the different things they can achieve without exhausting the list!  I suppose the most notable feature about them is the continuous rotation on the pan and tilt axis that allows them to execute manoeuvres other fixtures cannot attempt.”

“Having Ambersphere Solutions here in the UK is a very reassuring presence for us,” continues Parker.  “We’ve purchased two grandMA2s from them in the last year – MA Lighting being another of Ambersphere’s suppliers – and we’ve never had anything but great service and support from them.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of each other in the future.”