Nick Jevons illuminates ‘Paradise’ at Drumsheds with Ayrton

29th November 2023

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One of the most renowned residences in Ibiza, curated by Jamie Jones, 'Paradise' made its Drumsheds debut in the slightly cooler climate of North London.

Drumsheds is capable of housing up to 15,000 people and the event was quick to sell out. Recognised for pairing some of the finest talent in underground house and techno with awe-inspiring production, ‘Paradise’ delivered the ultimate experience.

Chris Canavan’s production company ’19MiL’ enlisted lighting designer Nick Jevons to craft a bespoke floor package for Jamie Jones’ headline slot. The result? A harmonious fusion of innovative technology and artistic finesse that defined the night’s electrifying ambience.

Jevons’ decision to specify Ayrton Cobra was driven by a desire for a cohesive look. With 60 of the in-house fixtures already being Cobras, the addition of 20 more supplied by dbnAudile allowed him to create a visually stunning display, unlocking the potential for a myriad of effects.



When asked more about why he specified Ayrton Cobra, Nick responded “I requested these fixtures because I wanted to have a uniformed look as the house fixtures were Cobras and I knew the power of having 80 Cobras in one place would look epic on so many levels as I could create so many different effects, from multi break-up beams to super tight beams.”

The Ayrton Cobra fixtures not only met, but exceeded Jevons’ expectations. Their versatile performance played a pivotal role in realising his creative vision, ensuring a seamless integration of lighting effects that heightened the overall atmosphere at the event.

The collaboration between Jevons and Chris Canavan from 19MiL had been consistently successful, with both parties operating on the same creative wavelength. Dave McDonogh, the production manager, and Paul Abdullah, the programmer/operator, contributed their technical expertise to guarantee the flawless execution of Jevons’ vision.



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Credits for Paradise at Drumsheds:

Lighting Design: Nick Jevons Designs

Production Company: 19MiL

Production Manager: Dave McDonogh

Programmer/Operator: Paul Abdullah


Photo Credit: Nick Jevons Designs