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30th July 2015

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Onyx Presentations deliver a premier bespoke package of AV| sound and lighting

Onyx Presentations deliver a premier bespoke package of AV, sound and lighting to a wide range of events, be they corporate clients, elite private functions, trade shows, gala dinners or sporting events.  The company has recently become a customer of Ambersphere Solutions and have invested significantly in a variety of the newest lighting fixtures from one of the Ambersphere family of brands: Ayrton.

In addition to the purchase of the MagicBlade™-Rs, Onyx became the first UK rental company to buy the NandoBeam™ S3s and to have the MagicDotTM-R available to rent. Lighting Hire Manager, Phil Joyce explains the background: “I first saw the MagicBlades on a BBC 6Music Festival and was instantly blown away by the versatility and stunning looks the lanterns added to the show.  It required a bit of investigation to put a name to the units but LD Neil Johnson had already used them on a tour and steered me in the right direction.  That’s when I discovered Ambersphere Solutions.”

Thor André of Ambersphere Technical Sales went down to demo the MagicBlade fixtures and took along a few of the new Ayrton NandoBeam™ S3s as well.  Joyce was equally impressed, “The NandoBeams were an instant hit. For the size, brightness and price, I hadn’t been that impressed with a moving wash light in ages. Quite apart from the ‘eye-candy’ looks, the flood and spot features are fantastic; from one small head you can achieve a relatively tight spot to a massive wash while still maintaining the brightness.  For me it was an imperative to place an order as soon as possible.”

André picks up the story: “Before Onyx took delivery we were able to invite Phil, along with a few other of our clients, to France for a preview of the products about to be launched at ProLight & Sound.  On his return, Onyx immediately placed an order for a number of Ayrton MagicDots as well, making them the first company in the UK to put them into rental stock.  With Onyx being a new customer for Ambersphere, being able to bring Phil to France prior to PL&S made perfect sense as it gave us a chance to get some feedback on the new fixtures from a rental company’s perspective.”

Joyce concurs: “After seeing the excellent on-site demo, I knew that the MagicDots would be a great addition to our hire stock. As soon as we took delivery, the fixtures went straight out on their first job and have been kept very busy ever since. It’s great to be on the upward curve with a lighting product that LDs are keen to spec in their designs.  Our investment in new fixtures is always based on a combination of carefully considered financial evaluation of what will give a good return and a response to what our market may be interested in. Before looking at the MagicBlades we approached one of our clients who produces a number of annual award shows.  He was as enthusiastic as we were and was designing future shows with the MagicBlades in mind; that’s when the order was placed.”  

“Having the Ayrton products in our hire stock has proved to be a sound investment, he continues, “It has opened up some areas of the market that we haven’t ventured into before. We’ve received a multitude of positive comments from customers and end clients alike.”

“The generosity and friendliness of both the Ambersphere guys and the people at the Ayrton factory had an instant effect,” Joyce concludes.  “Seldom do you meet anyone for the first time and almost straight away have an instant understanding about them and their company’s vision for the products that they sell. I get on really well with Thor; he really seems to understand the equipment and, more importantly, our business. He goes above and beyond to help with any technical support and advice.  I hope that we will continue to build on our relationship and buy lots more equipment in the not too distant future. I think that more NandoBeam™ S3s and MagicDotsTM will definitely be on our shopping list.