SLX doubles the order of Ayrton NandoBeams

26th September 2016

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Dan rang me and said| Can we have some more please?

SLX may be a relatively recently formed company but they come with the experience and worthy credentials of emerging from the Hire & Live Events Department of Stage Electrics.  Dan Quayle and Russell Payne know their market and their clients so it came as little surprise to Ambersphere Solutions’ Matt Cowles of Technical Sales when he got a call about the Ayrton NandoBeam-S3TM from Quayle.

“At less than 9kg, the S3 is the smallest of the NandoBeam range but at up to 4,000 lumen it packs a powerful punch and offers designers accuracy, speed, optical flexibility and reliability all in one go,” explains Cowles.  “It is a great addition to any hire inventory and I was more than happy to go down to Bristol to do a demo for the team at SLX.”

The demo was a great success as Quayle reports, “We needed a lighting product that not only met the demands of our events team, but would give our customers a budget friendly option as well. In order to achieve this, price point was the key. However, I didn’t want to comprise on quality, serviceability and ease of installation either.’

‘When Matt showed us the NandoBeam S3, we were all very impressed: it has a good output and delivers everything that designers are looking for in a wash light. Most importantly for me however, was the reassurance that we have the Ambersphere team backing the product.’

 ‘When we made the decision to place the order, Ambersphere did everything they could to ensure we had the units as quickly as possible, and as we needed to get the units straight out to a client, we were very happy that Ambersphere pulled out all the stops to ensure we had them on time.”

Shortly after the initial order had been delivered, Cowles received another call: “Dan rang me and said, ‘Can we have some more please?’  How many I said? The answer was, ‘We’ll double the order if that’s OK?’  After almost a whole second I said, ‘Yes, please!’”