Robert Juliat reveals new Sully LED family

6th August 2020

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Sully is a new family of LED products based around the same exclusive 115W white LED engine

Robert Juliat has launched a new range of luminaires 

The latest introduction to its LED lines – Sully.

Sully is a new family of LED products based around the same exclusive 115W white LED engine, with an output that equals or exceeds that of a traditional 1kW tungsten fixture.

Robert Juliat has developed a new LED compartment which will enable customers to upgrade current traditional profile installations to LED by simply swapping the tungsten lamp base on their existing RJ 600SX Series for the new T650SX LED module. The new accessory is also compatible with Robert Juliat’s Aledin Series, Figaro, and Quincy, and with its tungsten Cricket and MSD Buxie followspots.

This new development is kinder to the planet as well as your budget. Any 600SX Series profiles can be transformed from tungsten to LED sources whilst retaining the iconic, ergonomically-designed, steel bodywork that has become synonymous with the Robert Juliat name. By simply changing your existing tungsten lamp base for a Sully T650SX LED base, you can have a new LED rig without the cost, inconvenience and waste of replacing your existing rig. What’s more, you can retain all your existing 600SX Series accessories (iris, gobo holders, etc…) which are compatible with the new module – recycling at its best! Your reward for helping to save the planet? Lower power consumption and running costs too!

The newly-developed Sully LED compartment is also the key element in a whole new range of fixtures from Robert Juliat which offers a choice of profiles, beam spots and a followspot in both cool and warm white versions.

Sully RJ 650SX profile series is an LED alternative to the classic 1kW theatre zoom profile.

This variable zoom profile range features a high-quality 115W warm white LED source. It delivers a first-class white light (CRI of 96 / TM-30 Rf=92 Rg=98 / TLCI of 97) and an output comparable to a 1000W tungsten luminaire. A cool white LED version is also available that is perfect for times when ‘daylight’ rendering is required.

Combining this new LED engine with the proven optics of Robert Juliat’s renowned 600SX Series, Sully profiles offer accurate framing with clean shutter cuts and superb gobo projection.

With its silent operation, Sully 650SX offers three zoom options (28°-54°, 16°-35° and 11°-26°) and is equally happy on stage, overhead, on side booms or prosceniums, in opera houses, theatres and studios.

Sully RJ 305LF and RJ 305LPB are multi-purpose LED single lens fixtures with a choice of interchangeable Fresnel or Pebble Convex lenses.

Providing a multi-faceted solution in compact packages, Sully 305LF and Sully 305LPB luminaires combine the high-quality 115W white LED source with either a single 150 mm / 6” Fresnel or a Pebble Convex lens, both of which can be easily interchanged. These little units are especially valuable in multi-purpose venues and rental companies where the interchangeable lenses can be put to full use. With uniform light, a very wide beam and premium colour rendering, Sully 305LF Fresnel and Sully 305LPB Pebble will easily substitute 1000W tungsten models. They offer an affordable and lightweight LED alternative with renowned build quality and overall performance.

Sully RJ 1156 followspot is an affordable entry point LED followspot with a wealth of RJ features and no compromise on quality.

With a 10.5°-22.5° zoom range, Sully 1156 is the perfect introduction to Robert Juliat LED followspots for discerning schools, amateur dramatics and smaller venues. Its optical excellence, ultra-compact dimensions and low power consumption make it a reliable and easy-to-use luminaire.

A big advantage of Sully’s LED source is the lack of heat it generates which adds to the comfort and safety of the operator. Controlled both locally and remotely by DMX, this little followspot is definitely accessible to beginners as well as skilled operators.

Like the rest of the Sully range, Sully followspot is available in cool white or warm white versions.