310H Tungsten

Brand: Robert Juliat
Model Number: 310H Tungsten
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Product Description

310H - 1000/1200 W TUNGSTEN

With its unique 200 mm lens the 310H has no equivalent on the market for light output and quality of beam. The wider the lens, the greater the light output and, with its great beam angle, it is a truly high performance unit. Offering broad coverage with a smooth, even beam, the 310H is also designed for easy maintenance and has a well-earned reputation for reliability. The 310H is at home in every venue, large and small.

Technical Specification

Product Name 310H Tungsten
Model Number 310H Tungsten
Brand Robert Juliat
Department Static Lights
Lens size: 200 mm (8")
Choice of 3 lenses – Fresnel, PC & PB
Easy access from front-opening door
Tilt pointer on hanging yoke
Efficient cooling with no light spill
Unique rotating barn door with 4 individually rotating blades

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