700 SX2 Tungsten

Brand: Robert Juliat
Model Number: 700 SX2 Tungsten
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Product Description

Combining power with a smooth flat beam quality, the 700 SX2 is the ideal profile for all long throw applications in medium to large theatres and opera houses. Four lens tube options from short throw to very long throw include an extremely narrow 8°-16° lens for very long throw distances, with no outsized lens tube. The medium 15° - 40° 714 SX2 model is a favourite fixture for TV studios, especially on talk shows and news reports.

The 700 SX2’s G22 lamp socket is extremely reliable, holding the lamp securely in place to ensure there is no arcing - even when the fixture is pointing vertically downward. The socket also offers a longer lamp life and enables the use of a 2500 W lamp.

Technical Specification

Product Name 700 SX2 Tungsten
Model Number 700 SX2 Tungsten
Brand Robert Juliat
Department Static Lights
Light Source Source: 2000/2500 W Tungsten
Beam Angle: 10° to 25° (710SX2), 8° to 16° (711SX2), 29° to 50° (713SX2)
Housing Bodywork: Strong sheet metal construction for durability
Captive knobs and handles: Additional security when working at a height or in transit
Easy access to all parts: Easy cleaning, re-lamping and maintenance
Features Multi-function double gate
Shutter gate - up to 8 shutters
"A" size glass and metal gobo holder
Gate lock feature - secures rotating gate against unwanted movement
Internal glass filter holder
Easy focus reference
Tilt reference on hanging yoke
Size 710SX2: 525 mm x 925 mm x 380 mm
711SX2: 525 mm x 1010 mm x 380 mm
713SX2: 525 mm x 655 mm x 380 mm
(h x l x w)

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