D'Artagnan 2500W Metal Halide

Brand: Robert Juliat
Model Number: D'Artagnan 2500W Metal Halide
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Product Description

D'Artagnan is the one to call on when you need power! With no equivalent on the market, the 2500W D'Artagnan is the most powerful of profiles.

Indispensable for dramatics effects at the opera, it is also ideal for outdoor TV recordings, fashion shows, and large trade fair stands. It is the benchmark among profile spots for all large scale shows and can be seen in the spectaculars of Las Vegas and Macau and across the world.

More power does not mean less quality. D'Artagnan's integrated motorised dimmer shutter gives perfect dimming, while maintaining a constant colour temperature of 6000K. Retaining all the functions of the SX Series profile spots, D'Artagnan is also an amazing long-throw gobo projector particularly appreciated in the advertising sector.


Technical Specification

Product Name D'Artagnan 2500W Metal Halide
Model Number D'Artagnan 2500W Metal Halide
Brand Robert Juliat
Department Static Lights
Light Source Source: 2500 W HID
Beam Angle: 10° to 25° (930SNX), 16° to 38° (934SNX), 29° to 50° (933SNX)
Power Supply Separate PSU - compact for easy handling and rapid maintenance
Magnetic hot restrike PSU
Control DMX control of motorised dimmer shutter and lamp ignition
Cooling System Silent-running cooling fans, ideal for TV studios and opera houses
Features Multi-function double gate
Shutter gate - up to 8 shutters
"A" size glass and metal hobo holder
90° rotating lens tube/gate/front accessories holder
Lens tube lock feature
User-friendly shutter-lock system
Size 930SNX: 575 mm x 1050 mm x 415 mm
933SNX: 690 mm x 780 mm x 415 mm
934SNX: 690 mm x 870 mm x 415 mm
(h x l x w)

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