NYX Powerstation

Brand: Astera
Model Number: NYX Powerstation
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Product Description

Connect the integrated cable to your NYX Bulb's DC connector to power it up. While connected, the Power Station acts as a remote display to program DMX addresses and settings, which the bulb will store in its memory. It can also set colours, effects, brightness etc., which the bulb will continue to display when in a powered lamp socket or connected to a power bank. Apart from its backside magnets, the Power Station features an airline track to attach mounting accessories such as TrackPin and Single Stud Ring. 

Technical Specification

Product Name NYX Powerstation
Model Number NYX Powerstation
Brand Astera
Department Static Lights
Electrical Battery: 3350 mAh / 10.8 V
Battery Runtime: up to 20 hours
Battery Lifetime: 70% after 300 cycles
Charging Time (nominal): 5 hours
Runtime at Max Brightness: 3h 15min
DC Input: 24 VDC / 0.7 A - 48 VDC / 0.35 A
DC Connector: 5.5 mm / 2.1 mm
DC Output: 10.8 VAC / 0.3 A
Construction Housing Material: Aluminium
IP Rating: IP20
Ambient Operating Temperature: 0 - 40°C (32 - 104°F)
Dimensions: 96 mm x 80.8 mm x 42.4 mm / 3.8" x 3.2" x 1.7"
Weight: 0.4 kg / 0.89 lbs
Mounting Options Airline Track, Magnets


NYX PowerStation

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