Sully 315L 4C 200W LED

Brand: Robert Juliat
Model Number: Sully 315L 200W LED
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Product Description

Providing a multi-faceted solution in a compact package, Sully 315L 4C combines a high-quality 200W 4-colour LED source (RGB Lime) with a single 200mm Fresnel lens (315LF) or Pebble Convex lens (315LPB). 

It offers broad coverage with an even beam, for smooth matches between fixtures when installed side by side. 

The barndoors allow lighting design with controlled blending washlight and soft beam. 

Integrating an innovative software platform named RJ COLOUR, its advanced setting modes ensure perfect whites and high quality saturated and pastel colours.

In addition to low power consumption and low heat generation, it delivers consistent colour rendition when dimming. 

Technical Specification

Product Name Sully 315L 4C 200W LED
Model Number Sully 315L 200W LED
Brand Robert Juliat
Department Static Lights
Light Source Source: 200W LED
Colour Temperature: from 1700K to 10000K
Power Supply Built-in electronic flicker-free power supply for easy, plug-and-play installation
neutriK® powerCON TRUE1 TOP IN and OUT connectors for daisy chaining
Lenses 200mm Pebble lens (315LPB 4C)
200mm Fresnel lens (315LF 4C)
Control Filter or colour selection through local display and dimming control by DMX (8 or 16 bits)
Choice of fast or slow dimming for tungsten-like simulation
DMX address and mode, dimming curve and response time through 4-button display with automatic light switch-off
Cooling System Silent-running cooling fans, ideal for TV studios and opera houses
Electronic thermal management system ensures maximum performance of the system without any risk of overheating
Features DimShift function
Theatre front cassette
Accessories holder
Unique rotating barndoor with 4 individually rotating blades
Tilt reference on hanging yoke
Size 315LF 4C: 440 x 465 x 350 mm
315LPB 4C: 440 x 465 x 350 mm
(h x l x w)

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