Ultraviolet Air Purification unit for medium spaces

Brand: Goldensea UVC
Model Number: UVAIR 216
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Product Description

Air purification inactivating SARS-CoV-2

Studies show that the COVID-19 virus often transmits through the air in tiny aerosolized droplets which we then breathe in. To significantly reduce the risk of new infections, air purification based on UV-C is a most effective measure.

3 Stage Filtration Included

Pre Filter- MERV (8) captures dust particles, reducing service intervals keeping the UVC tubes clean. Post Filter- combining HEPA (12) and Active Carbon filters for ultimate purification and odour control.

No Ozone

Safe and harmless – Leave no residue
Note: Only when used in accordance with manufacturer instructions

Different Fan Modes

There are 10 levels of ventilation. Silent mode can be used during meetings or performances. During a break or after a meeting, the units can run at full power for rapid air renewal.

Direct, Remote & App Control

For full flexibility

Fall Protection – Auto Power Off

When lamp detects a movement of more than 45°, it will automatically power off, thus preventing heat damage to surrounding objects, should the lamp fall over.

Quartz Glass Tube

Allows full transmission of ultraviolet light


Tells you PM2.5 info, when the filter needs to be replaced.
Change requires no tools.



Technical Specification

Product Name UVAIR 216
Model Number UVAIR 216
Brand Goldensea UVC
Department Static Lights
Model UVAIR 216
Light Source Wattage: 36W x 6
Lifespan: Max. 9000h
Voltage 100V-240V/50-60Hz
Control Touch keys + remote/app control
Function UV disinfection + HEPA filtration
Material Quartz glass and aluminium alloy
Wavelength 253.7nm
Cable Length 1.8m
Product dimension 570 x 1183 mm
Weight 24 Kg
Application classrooms, office, workshop, hotel, small theater and other public places
Compliance CE, ETL, FCC

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