Aramis 2500 Discharge

Brand: Robert Juliat
Model Number: aramis-2500-discharge
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Product Description

Aramis has long been the favoured followspot for opera houses and big musicals. Used also in concerts and on tour, Aramis is constructed to withstand the rigours of touring and is well suited to the long throws of large venues, both in and outdoors. The option of a 'push/pull' or 'boomerang' colour changer means it can be tailored to suit the available space in each venue, while its frost filter on flip lever allows fast, simple 'focus' changes. 

Technical Specification

Product Name Aramis 2500 Discharge
Model Number aramis-2500-discharge
Brand Robert Juliat
Department Followspots
Light Source Source: 2500 W HMI
Beam Angle: 4.5° to 8°
Power Supply Separate PSU - compact for easy handling and rapid maintenance
Magnetic hot restrike PSU (Aramis 1013+)
Electronic hot restrike PSU (Aramis 1013+M)
Control Fast-locking focus handle for quick and easy change of beam size
Easy-to-balance counterweight for steady movement, even at long distances
Cooling System Highly efficient multi-zone cooling of lamp house and oversized lamp holder heat-sinks for maximum reliability and durability
Features Removable fully-closing iris
Glass and metal gobo holder
Frost filter on lever for quick soft-edge effect
6-way self-cancelling boomerang colour changer
Stand with smooth rotation for optimum performance
Size 505 mm x 1490 mm x 550 mm (h x l x w)

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