Arthur LT 800W LED

Brand: Robert Juliat
Model Number: Arthur LT 800W LED
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Product Description

Arthur LT is a new Long-Throw adaptation of the original Arthur followspot with a narrower beam. Featuring a zoom range of 4° - 10°, Arthur LT provides an output that exceeds an HMI 2500W Aramis. The LT version ensures invincible performances with an output of 2000 lux at a distance of 50m (200fc at 165 ft), while offering an enhanced light quality with a high CRI (>94) - an essential feature for a followspot whose main role is to shine a light on performers and showcase them in sublime fashion. With the choice of several ventilation modes, Arthur’s sound level is much quieter than any of its discharge rivals; it can be operated as easily in opera houses as on concerts and big arenas.


  • Fully closing iris: removable for fast, easy replacement
  • Universal adjustable gobo holder: "B" size glass and metal gobos
  • Ergonomic dimmer control: one-handed dim, pan and tilt
  • Local control: light intensity adjustment through built-in potentiometer
  • Internal glass filter holder: long term use of durable coloured, dichroic or textured glass
  • Individually removable colour frame: gels replaced easily while colour cassette remains in place
  • Colour changer: 6-way, self-cancelling boomerang colour-changer
  • USB connector: for connection of additional accessories
  • Adjustable response time: choice of fast or slow dimming for tungsten-like simulation - adjustment by DMX protocol
  • Ethernet-DMX node: data IN through RJ45 connector; data OUT through DMX for daisy chaining
  • Universal data control: compatible with DMX, RDM, Art-Net, sACN protocols
  • Easy setup: locally and remotely by RDM protocol - integrated display
  • DMX: 8 or 16 bit dimming and strobe function
  • Parameters: adjustable curves and response through 4-button display with automatic light switch-off
  • Control: local and DMX
  • Dimming parameters: choice of square or linear dimming curves
  • Easy focus reference: graduated scale on side of the unit; fast and easy refocusing
  • Adjustable yoke: for optimum overhead positioning
  • Fine balance: precision positioning and smooth operation even with the smallest movements
  • Stand: perfectly weighted for maximum stability with smooth rotation for optimum performance. Easy set up; triple safety system for extra security


  • Long life: outstanding operational lifetime expectation, no need to replace lamps, low maintenance
  • High output: up to 29 000 lumens. Capable of exceeding the lumen output of HMI 2500W Aramis followspot.
  • Native high CRI LED source: CRI > 94 - perfect for performer illumination - no need for correction filter
  • Gobo : excellent gobo projection
  • Optical quality: smooth flat beam, no hot spot
  • Variable zoom optics: sharp focus at every beam angle.
  • Independent control of image size and focus.
  • Electronic dimmer: dimming without clipping or cut-out at low intensity levels; high quality smoothing
  • No colour shift: colour temperature remains the same when dimming


  • Made in France : fully manufactured in Robert Juliat premises retaining complete control over all aspects of quality
  • PSU: built-in electronic flicker-free power supply for easy, plug-and play installation
  • Power connectors: neutriK® powerCON TRUE1 IN and OUT connectors for daisy chaining
  • Silent-running cooling fans: ideal for TV studios and opera houses
  • Electronic thermal management system: ensures maximum performance of the system without any risk of overheating
  • 3 cooling modes available: includes silent mode for perfect integration in concert halls
  • Bodywork: strong sheet metal construction for durability
  • Ergonomic wrap-around handle: comfort, safety and practicality from all operating positions
  • Moving parts: smooth at all times, even when hot
  • Captive knobs and handles: additional security when working at height or in transit
  • Easy access to all parts: easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Independent modules for the PSU, drivers and CPU: easy maintenance with plug & play system


Technical Specification

Product Name Arthur LT 800W LED
Model Number Arthur LT 800W LED
Brand Robert Juliat
Department Followspots

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