Product Description

The most powerful lighting control app for film and event light. 

Create complex animated effects with thousands of pixels that stretch over multiple lights. The AsteraApp offers and intuitive user interface with preinstalled and full customisable programs and effects.

The AsteraApp is designed for beginners and professional operators alike. It is suitable for event and film lighting scenarios, no matter if you control just one light or a complex setup with different groups of hundreds of lights. 

Easily setup and monitor your lights from the palm of your hands, no mattery how complex your production my be. Powerful tools let you quickly adjust settings of multiple lights, e.g., when preparing them for DMX usage. 

AsteraApp offers several useful tools to select colours, so you’re covered no matter if you want to mix your own colour or input an exact RGB value/x,y coordinate. Thanks to Astera’s industry-leading digital calibraion, the fixtures are able to reproduce the exact colour selected in the app. 

Technical Specification

Product Name

Introducing the first in-app bi-directional communication function applied to Wireless Event Lighting. Get a list of all your lights and their statuses, even when controlling them by DMX. And keep a permanent overview by filtering and sorting by different criteria.
Change your light’s DMX addresses, footprints, etc… without touching the lights
Select multiple lights and change their settings together to save even more time.
Create complex programs out of colours, effects and settings. The lights will remember and repeat these effects without requiring a constant wireless link.
Quickly create groups of lights, assign positions and select which lights should receive commands.

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