Helios Tube

Product Description

Helios Tube has all the features of the popular Titan Tube while offering a smaller format. It allows mounting in areas where a Titan Tube wouldn’t fit, and also increases portability. This LED lighting Tube has 8 pixels, half the brightness of the Titan Tube and just over half its length. Colours and brightness are perfectly matched to those of the Titan Tube’s. 

Technical Specification

Product Name

Helios Tube
LED Engine: Titan LED Engine
Total LED Power: 36 W
LED Power Draw: 24 W
Colours: RGBMintAmber
CRI: ≥ 96
Strobe: 0 - 25 Hz
Pixels: 8
Beam Angle: 135° x 115°
Light Output
Luminous Flux 3200K: 1285 lumens
Luminous Flux 4000K: 1340 lumens
Light Output 3200 K @ 1m: 360 lx
Light Output 4000 K @ 1m: 393 lx
Wireless Modules: 863-870MHz
Wireless Protocols: CRMX, UHF, Bluetooth (+ WiFi for FP2-BTB - modules manufactured post 10/21)
Wireless Range: CRMX/UHF Up to 300m (+ Bluetooth up to 3m for FP2-BTB)
Wired DMX
Infrared Control
Battery Runtime: Up to 20 hours
Battery Lifetime: 70% after 300 cycles
Charging Time (nominal): 3 hours
DC Input: 24 VDC - 1.25 A
DC Connector: 5.5 mm 2.1 mm
Housing Material: Polycarbonate, metal end caps
IP Rating: IP65 (only with FP1-SP)
Ambient Operating Temperature: 0 - 40°C (32 - 104°F)
Dimensions: Ø43 mm x 550 mm/ Ø1.7” x H21.7”
Weight: 0.765 kg / 1.68 lbs
Mounting Options
2x M5 thread, 2x Holder (with 2x M5 and 1x 1/4"-20UNC thread), 1x TubeStand
Comes With
1 x Helios Tube
2 x Tube Holder
1 x TubeStand
2 x Eyebolt
1 x DC Socket Cover

Helios Tube Data sheet

Helios DMX Profiles

DMX Values for common Colours V2

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