Product Description

LunaBulb looks traditional but functions like a professional luminaire, meeting filmmakers’ needs for on-camera practicals and offering endless creative possibilities without disrupting event planners. It delivers perfect skin tones and wireless DMX controls, suitable for intimate gatherings and grand events alike. Control it easily via your smart device, remote, or console. Let your creativity shine wherever there’s a lamp socket.

Technical Specification

Product Name

LED Engine
Titan LED Engine - RGBMintAmber
Total LED Power
4.25 W
LED Power Draw
3.3 W
0 - 25 Hertz
AC Input
FP7-E27 / B22: 100-240 VAC
FP7-E26: 100-120 VAC
AC Connector
E27 / E26 / B22
Power Consumption (max.)
4.25 W
Wireless Protocols
CRMX, UHF, Bluetooth, WiFi
Wireless Range
CRMX / UHF up to 100m / 110yds
Bluetooth up to 3m / 3.3yds
Infrared Control
Housing Material
Metal & Polycarbonate
IP Rating
IP44 - depending on socket used
Ambient Operating Temperature
0 - 40°C / 32 - 104°F
0.081 kg / 0.179 lbs
Dimensions - Classic Look
55mm x 99mm (E26)
55mm x 100mm (E27)
55mm x 98.6mm (B22)
Dimensions - Slim Look
27mm / 33mm x 91.6mm (E26)
27mm / 33mm x 92.6mm (E27)
27mm / 33mm x 91.2mm (E26)
Mounting Options
E26 / E27 / B22 socket

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