Manon & Topaze 1200 Discharge

Brand: Robert Juliat
Model Number: Manon & Topaze 1200 Discharge
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Product Features

  • Cold strike lamp
  • Long lamp life (3000h)
  • G22 socket locking system exclusive to Robert Juliat
  • Separate magnetic PSU

Product Description

Manon and Topaze 1200 MSD followspots combine a powerful output within an economical package, both in initial expenditure and running costs. Manon and Topaze use a long lamp life and provide a cost-effective solution for mid-size theatres, shows and rental companies alike. The full range of features on these units brings Robert Juliat quality within reach of all budgets

Technical Specification

Product Name Manon & Topaze 1200 Discharge
Model Number Manon & Topaze 1200 Discharge
Brand Robert Juliat
Department Followspots
Optical Factory set optical train: travels safely within followspot and requires no time-consuming realignment on arrival. Uniform beam on all followspots of same type
SX optical system: double condenser optics for exceptional optical quality
Gobo-Filters Excellent gobo projection
Universal adjustable gobo holder: "A" size glass and metal gobos
Internal glass filter holder: long term use of durable coloured, dichroic or textured glass
Zoom/Focus Variable zoom optics: sharp focus at every beam angle. Independent control of image size and focus
Easy focus reference: graduated scale on side of the unit
fast and easy refocusing
Dimming Ergonomic dimmer control: one-handed dim, pan and tilt
Dimmer control can be adjusted to suit the operator’s preference
Smooth dimmer shutter: retains flat beam and colour temperature when dimming
Colour Individually removable colour frame: gels replaced easily while colour cassette remains in place
Colour changer: 6-way, 'push/pull' colour changer system for simultaneous use of multiple filters
Frost On flip lever for quick soft-edge beam effect
Beam FX Horizontal chopper (optional): for masking control in TV studios and wide stages
PSU Separate PSU: compact for easy handling and rapid maintenance
Lamp G22 socket locking system exclusive to Robert Juliat
holds the lamp securely in place to ensure there is no arcing, even when the fixture is pointing vertically downward
Construction Bodywork: strong sheet metal construction for durability
Ergonomic wrap-around handle: comfort, safety and practicality from all operating positions

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