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Model Number: pixelbrick
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Product Description

This multi-purpose spotlight is not much larger than an AX3 but features all our latest technological achieve- ments such as Titan LED Engine, CRMX & wired DMX via PowerBox and direct App control without ART7. Each of its 4 sides includes an airline track and a nifty rail to slide-in mounting accessories which allows a quick connection of several PixelBricks to form clusters and geometrical shapes.

15W RGBW CREE LED – 13° Beam

Technical Specification

Product Name PixelBrick
Model Number pixelbrick
Brand Astera
Department Static Lights
Optical Colours: RGBMintAmber
Total LED power: 15W
Luminous Flux: 450Lm
Emittance (@2m): 1300Lx
Strobe: 0-25Hz
beam Angle: 13 ˚
Pixels: 1
Control Wireless Modules: 863-870MHz | 902-928MHz | 2.4GHz
Range: 300m | 330 Yards
DMX: Supports CRMX,W-DMX and Bluetooth
Electrical Battery: LG Chem Lithium-ion
Battery Lifetime: 70% after 300 cycles
Battery Runtime: Up to 20 hours
LED Lifetime: 50.000 Hours
Charging time (nominal): 4 Hours
Input Voltage: 24VDC 0.8A
Construction Housing: Aluminium
IP Rating: IP65
Relative humidity: 0-100%
Operating Temperature: 0-40 ˚C | 32-104˚F
Weight: 1.12kg |2.47Lbs
Dimensions (with bracket): 91 x 91 x 94 (mm) | 3.6 x 3.6 x 3.7 (inches)


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