UVL72 20-80m2

Brand: Goldensea UVC
Model Number: UVL72 20-80m2
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Product Description

High-power disinfection for large areas

30 minutes - 20m2

60 minutes - 40m2

120 minutes - 80m2

Safety by design

A motion sensor will detect any movement within 5 meters and immediately deactivate the lamp and sound an alarm.

Safe start

2 minutes delayed start with audible alarms once the disinfection time is set, the lamp will be turned on after a delay of 2 minutes allowing people and pets to leave the room.

No ozone

Safe and harmless – Leave no residue

Wall and floor mounting

Can be placed on a flat and stable surface or mounted on a wall

Quartz glass tube

Allows full transmission of ultraviolet light

High quality lamp

Phillips and Osram manufactured lamps


Can be used on a tripod or fixed to the ceiling

Technical Specification

Product Name UVL72 20-80m2
Model Number UVL72 20-80m2
Brand Goldensea UVC
Department Static Lights
Model UVL72
Light Source Wattage: 36W x 2
Lifespan: Max. 9000h
Voltage 100V-240V/50-60Hz
Current 1A
Control Touch keys + remote control
Material Quartz glass and aluminium alloy
Function UV disinfection
Wavelength 253.7nm
Cable Length 1.8m
Compliance CE, ETL, FCC
Application Clinic, Hotel, Office, School

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