zactrack mini

Product Description

The latest product in the zactrack porfolio – zactrack mini – is now ready for action!

Your newest tacking solution now comes in a briefcase sized case for easy transport and deployment by one person. zactrack mini embraces the core zactrack values and puts this tracking solution in a smaller form factor with battery operated components and wireless connectivity for an even faster and easier setup. The user experience is at the heart of zactrack mini.

Smaller venues, exhibition stands, individual performers, rental companies and houses of worship are only a small number of the broad applications for our new smaller friend. With this system helping to introduce tracking to new users and smaller spaces, zactrack mini will also be a more economically viable solution for many users to. Tracking and following is now opened up for any application, designer or performer to embrace and use.

zactrack mini can be physicaly setup in minutes. A Master Anchor forms the nucleus of the zactrack mini infrastructure. This Master Anchor is of course an Antenna. But additionally, it’s the zactrack Server, also the wireless access point and it’s even a DMX Node. Yes, zactrack mini can output DMX directly to fixtures with XLR cable. This concept of the Master Anchor having four uses in one box already simplifies the system for the user and removes the need for additional hardware previously needed such as the wireless access point, DMX Node and network switches.

Five smaller Anchors complete the deployed Antenna array or cell, giving us a tracking or performance area of 15 x 15 metres. zactrack mini gives us 2.5D tracking, so the Z height is achieved with using heigh offset – easy to use instantly on the Android tablet or on a console fader! To help with Anchor deployment and positioning, your zactrack mini kit includes small tripods that secure directly onto the Anchor housing.

The 5 trackers included in a zactrack mini kit are used on your stage floor for fixture alignment (tracker calibration discs and charging station included too) – the Plug and Play nature of the zactrack SMART system is continued into zactrack mini. USB-C chargers are also included in a zactrack mini kit for all components, most importantly those have replaceable multi-region plugs in the kit too. Now you can take your portable, battery powered tracking solution anywhere in the world and get straight to work!

zactack mini can be used stand-alone or can be inegrated to use with an industry standard lighting console, maintaining that hands-on creative control for the designer and operators.

Technical Specification

Product Name

zactrack mini
Radio Tracking
6.24 - 6.74 GHz UWB DWM1001
FCC ID: 2AQ33-DWM1001
IC: 23794-DWM1001
Master Anchor
190 x 207 x 36 mm
Neutrik etherCON RJ45, Neutrik XLR 5 pole, USB-C
DC 5.1V 3A
2.7V, 5200mAh, Li-on battery
3 hours battery life, 3 hours charging time
Input: 100-240V ∼50/60Hz 0.6A
Output: DC 5.1V 3A
Mini Anchor
140 x 140 x 35 mm
DC 5.1V 3A
3.7V, 2600mAh, Li-on battery
16 hours battery life, 2 hours charging time
Rig mounting plate for clamp and safety line
Input: 100-240V ∼50.60Hz 0.6A
Output: DC 5.1V 3A
33 x 57 x 10.6 mm
3.7V, 310mAh, LiPO battery
4 hours (active) to 20 hours (inactive) battery life, 2 hours charging time
Charging Station
270 x 70 x 70 mm
DC 5V 1A

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