ZEP 660SX 300W LED

Brand: Robert Juliat
Model Number: ZEP 660SX 300W LED
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Product Features

  • 300 W LED source – Long Lifetime
  • Available in Warm, Neutral daylight, Cool and Variable White
  • Built-in electronic flicker-free dimmable PSU
  • Choice of plastic, metal or glass gobo
  • Run up to 10 Zep 660 from a single domestic power outlet 230V 16A

Product Description

Get enhanced performance with the new ZEP2 family members! 

Combining power with a smooth flat beam, the new Zep2 660SX2 LED profile spot can be used as a direct complement or replacement for traditional 2k units, but using only 300 W of long life LED power resulting in huge cost savings. 

Zep2 spots offer a wide choice of colour temperatures with enhanced CRI reaching 92. 

The integral flicker-free dimmable, electronic PSU is ideal for studio applications; zero UV/IR emissions ensure protection for audiences, works of art, and delicate or historic environments. 

Technical Specification

Product Name ZEP2 660SX 300W LED
Model Number ZEP 660SX 300W LED
Brand Robert Juliat
Department Static Lights
Light Source Source: LED 300 W
Colour Temperature: Cool, warm, daylight or variable white
Beam Angle: 11° to 26° (661SX2), 28° to 54° (663SX2), 16° to 35° (664SX2)
Power Supply Built-in electronic flicker-free power supply for easy, plug-and-play installation
neutriK® powerCON TRUE1 TOP IN and OUT connectors for daisy chaining
Control All parameters can be adjusted by RDM protocol
8 or 16 bit dimming and strobe function
Local, DMX and wireless DMX control
Cooling System Silent-running cooling fans, ideal for TV studios and opera houses
Electronic thermal management system ensures maximum performance of the system without any risk of overheating
Features Multi-function double gate
Shutter gate - up to 8 shutters
"A" size glass and metal gobo holder
Internal glass filter holder
90° rotating lens tube/gate/front accessories holder
User-friendly shutter-lock system
Easy focus reference
Tilt reference on hanging yoke
Size 661SX2: 447 mm x 902 mm x 330 mm
663SX2: 447 mm x 682 mm x 330 mm
664SX2: 447 mm x 810 mm x 330 mm
(h x l x w)

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